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Meet The Bible Kid, 

This young boy enjoys attending service and has a burden to reach and encourage young Christians who may be struggling with retaining a good Christian life.

This series deals with biblical topics as well as practical biblical principles for young children. 

The Bible Kid Has now grown to include the BKSquad which helps expand the reach and influence to children looking to other children to encourage them. 

These short episodes are lighthearted and humorous which the whole family can enjoy. 


Peer Pressure.png
Talking about the promise Land.png
Talking about the promise Land (2).png
The ten commandments.png
pass it on.png
Israel delivered!.png
The Meaning of Christmas.png
Moses and the plagues.png
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Israel enslaved.png
Israel enslaved.png

Episode 20: The dream interpreter 

Episode 19: Jealous God

Episode 18: Jacobs Dream

Episode 17: Competition

Episode 16: Pentecost Sunday... simple explanation

Episode 15: Forgiveness

Episode 14: Jacob and Esau

Episode 13: Abraham's Servant

Episode 12: Choosing the right game

Episode 11: You are the tour guide

Episode 10: Easter special part 2

Episode 9: Easter special part 1

Episode 8: Sodom and Gomorrah

Episode 7: Abraham and Sarah...Never doubt Gods Word

Episode 6: The Flood

Episode 5: Cain and Abel...don't be a jealous kid

Episode 4: Win

Episode 3: Adam And Eve

Episode 2: Truth is Truth

Episode 1 : Creation

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